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Palm Beach County Sheriff's Mounted Unit

Listening to the Horse / Award winning docuseries

Palm Beach County Sheriff's Mounted Unit


I have recently been asked to assist the PBSO Mounted unit to help with the continued education of their equine officers as well as their deputies.  This is an honor and a very exciting journey to be part of and I look forward to the future with them.

Dressage for kids with Lendon Gray

Listening to the Horse / Award winning docuseries

Palm Beach County Sheriff's Mounted Unit


I had the privilege and honor to be the 2019/2020 Wellington Natural Horsemanship trainer for Dressage for Kids.  Thank you Lendon Gray for asking me to help bridge Natural horsemanship and Dressage for the ultimate partnership.  I truly enjoy working with all of the fantastic young adults and look forward to next season. 

Listening to the Horse / Award winning docuseries

Listening to the Horse / Award winning docuseries

Listening to the Horse / Award winning docuseries


In Novemeber of 2019 I was selected to be one of 11 international clinicians for The Listening to the Horse Fall Summit.  Seen by hundreds of thousands world wide I was honored to give a 35 min presentation on starting young horses and the importance of ground work 

Palm Beach Sheriff's Volunteer Mounted Unit

Palm Beach Sheriff's Volunteer Mounted Unit

Listening to the Horse / Award winning docuseries


I have been working with serval of the PBSO Citizens on Patrol for the past 5 years.  Even know they are a volunteer Unit they are very dedicated to helping keep our parks and neighborhoods safe.  Thank you for allowing me to help create great partnerships with your horses. 

Equine Connection

Palm Beach Sheriff's Volunteer Mounted Unit

Equine Connection


When I wake up each morning my goal is  to help every person I can build the best partnership with their horse.  It makes me so proud to be a natural horsemanship mentor to the Equine Connection and their amazing community.  Equine assisted learning is so important to me and I couldn't be more proud of what they do.  Please check out their website. 

Why I do what I do!

Regardless of the age of the horse, it is imperative to remember the three key factors in building a successful partnership with your horse: Patience, Trust and Respect. If any of these key factors of this trifecta is missing we will not be successful in building the foundation of our relationship that our horse deserves.

My belief is the understanding that teaching our horse is not just black and white. When we build a partnership we have to allow a grey area as they search for the right answers to learn and think for themselves based on our direction.

Our relationship with our horse is like a dance in which the lead and his/her partner understand their steps individually so when they come

together it is seamless. Our goal is for our horses to understand how to use their own body before we ever even sit on their back.

When they understand how to move every individual part of their body and develop their own balance, they will be much more confident in the entire learning process.

As I complete my certifications for equine massage, cranial sacral therapy, body alignment and kinesiology, I am realizing just how essential and effective body/energy work can be for every horse.Understanding and assimilating with our horses' energy allows us to understand how and what they are feeling and what they need in that moment.

The education that our horse gives us is far more measurable in allowing us to grow and become better clinicians.

We have tools that help us educate our horse, yet they are the ones that teach us the most valuable lessons.

We are truly blessed to have such amazing creatures in our lives.


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